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Archives de l’armée: L’interview de Cornelia Funke

Vous en souvenez-vous? J’avais eu le grand honneur d’interviewer une auteure très connue pour ses livres comme Coeur d’Encre ou le Prince des Voleurs, Cornelia Funke! J’ai toujours été une très grande fan, donc cela était un énorme plaisir! Vous retrouverez l’interview ici. Pour se remémorer ce bon souvenir, j’ai décidé de partager avec vous la version original donc anglaise de l’interview, ce qui implique des petits plus, et une idée plus claire de comment Cornelia a communiqué avec moi! : 
Alice: I know that you are currently working on the sequel of Reckless. Do you have any other project going on ? 
Cornelia: I am actually working on Book 3 of MirrorWorld. Fearless was the first sequel. As this series seems to be growing into at least five books the research is so intense that I stay away from any other bigger project. I do short stories though on whatever feels like, sometimes for younger readers as they may otherwise think I forgot them behind the Mirror. I also work on several Apps ( though I prefer to call them Breathing Books:) for my worlds, as I was not very happy with the visual interpretations the movies did so far. MirrorWorld is done, Dragonrider is next and we'll also soon start with Inkworld.

A: What is the last book that you read and loved ? 
C: I am mostly reading research for MirrorWorld. I just read the most enchanting Canadian Folk Tales and several books on Russia. As fiction I have just been through all the Sherlock Holmes stories as I had to write one myself for an Anthology and I got completely addicted. Then I read R.L. Stevenson on writing and travelling and you see, I am a bookeater with piles everywhere in the house:)

A: The classic question : what are the 3 books that you would take with you on an island ?
C: The Once and Future King, by T.H.White
The Princess Bride, by William Goldman
The Rain King, by Saul Bellow ( though of course I could name a hundred other titles here and I would feel each time that I forgot a favourite one)

A: Did you want to be a writer when you were a child ? If no, what was your "dream job" back then ? 
C: No, I wanted to be an astronaut. Quite seriously - until I realized I need to get military training for that. It was the time of the moon landing and Star Trek after all:) I think I was also quite disappointed by the space ships they came up with so far. An echo of this childhood passion is probably my addiction to Dr Who and the Tardis in my Writing House

A: Who are the authors that inspired you ? 
C: Every author I ever read, both the good and the bad ones. Sometimes the bad ones teach you even more what you want to achieve as a writer. Among my favourite writers are Dickens, Kipling, Tolkien ( though I like T.H.White better) Somerset Maugham, Maupassant, Astrid Lindgren, Toni Morrison, Michael Ondaatje, Graham Greene, Heinrich Heine, Ted Hughes, R.L.Stevenson, Mark Twain, Neil Gaiman, David Almond, Margaret Atwood, Annie Proux etc etc etc as you see I like many and very different printed dishes

A: In what circumstances you prefer to write ? 
C: I can write everywhere by now, at airports, train stations, in hotel rooms, cafés, restaurants, waiting for a friend on a park bench….I always have a notebook and a pen with me and all my friends now that I love them to be late as these minutes give me the best ideas. But the are three places especially dear to me: my Writing House in Los Angeles, my daughter's apartment in London and....the Getty high up on the hill in LA

A: When you are writing a novel, do you know exactly how it is going to end, or is it also a surprise for you ? 
C: No, I need and want the surprise! Otherwise I get very bored!

A: In which of the worlds you created would you prefer to live ? 
C: MirrorWorld. For at least ten lives:)

A: Who is your favorite character from your books ? Who is the one with whom you identify the most ? 
C: Hmm…now they are all listening and they will all be terribly sad, if I don’t mention their name. Therefore allow me to name a few ( and tell the others that the selection is quite random) Prosper from ThiefLord, Dustfinger and Elinor from Inkworld, Twigleg from Dragonrider, Longespee from Ghostknight and then of course Jacob ( I can't get enough of him, maybe because he reminds me of my son Ben) As for whom I identify most with that is easy - Fox. And sometimes the Dark Fairy:)

A: I literally fell in love with the saga « Inkworld". My favorite character is Dustfinger : he is both very complex and fascinating. How did he come out of your mind ? 
C: He just stepped into my mind, with the marten on his shoulder. I was not sure about his profession though, until I saw some fire eaters on a medieval market in Germany. He also brought his name. I never had to wonder what he looks like or who he is. he was just there- one of the easiest characters I ever wrote about, and always very close to my heart 

A: In the Thief Lord, why did you choose this setting ? What does Venice represent for you ? 
C: I had the idea for the book in Venice and I thought it would make the most perfect setting because it is such a perfect place for children- no traffic to watch for, a labyrinth of alleyways to get lost in, a time machine built from water and stone. I love to set books in a real place to enable my readers to follow the story and literally touch it. there is so much magic in reality. t all comes from there. I did a similar thing with Ghostknight, which I set in Salisbury, England.

A: Your books inspired movies and plays. How do you feel when your beautiful stories lead to so many other things ? 
C: For many years I allowed every kind of adaptation just because I felt it is such an honor to be interpreted by other artists. I feel slightly different by now. So often the interpretation was so different from what I had seen in my mind. So often all the work I had put into a book was shrunk down, simplified or simply changed. All this made me develop my version of MirrorWorld last year and it was the very first time I had the blissful feeling that other artists made me see my world even more clearly. As a friend of mine said when she saw the MirrorWorld App: But this is more you than you! After this experience I will be much stricter with adaptations as I now know how good they can be!

A: If another movie was made out of one of your novels, which one would you like it to be ? And would you like Brendan Fraser to take the lead once more ? (I, personally,   would like that very much)
C: :) Brendan is still the most brilliant SilverTongue who ever read my books on tape, but for MirrorWorld and Jacob Reckless he would definitely be the wrong cast. I have no actor in mind for Jacob so at the moment I couldn't imagine a movie for this world. As for the other InkBooks -I am not sure I would allow an adaptation. The first movie taught me how much can go wrong although everyone is passionate about the project and although so many brilliant actors and artists were involved it doesn't show at all what I saw when I wrote the books.

A: In your books, words have a great importance. For you, are the words there as a backing for your story or would you rather say they have a life on their own ? 
C: A brilliant painter is nothing without paint. A brilliant carpenter is nothing without wood. The words are what I weave the carpet from and only if I choose the right one the carpet will fly! And yes, they for sure have a life of their own! As does the story!

A: Is there any advice you can give to novice writers (like me) ?
C: Always carry a notebook with you and a pen. Grab the ideas when they show themselves, as they will hide again. never tell a story where to go. Let the story tell you- though sometimes you may have to fight with it about the direction. Always be curious about everything - inside and outside:)

A: Are you planning to come to France (since most of my visitors are French and they’d love to see you) or Switzerland (since this is where I live, and I would also love to meet you one day) ? 
C: I was just invited to Switzerland and I may be able to come next year. I will for sure be in France next year as Book 2 of MirrorWorld comes out and is all set in Lotheraine, which is my Mirror version of France. Oh, and the showdown takes place in Helvetia, which of course the Switzerland behind the Mirror:)

A: Do you have a special message for the visitors of my blog, the Lewis Carroll’s Army 
C: That this is the coolest Blog name ever:)

Pour vous je suis même allée faire un petit coucou à Cornelia sur son site, dans son livre d’or, et elle m’a répondue: 


Salut Cornelia! Je ne sais pas si tu te souviens de moi, je suis Alice et je t’ai interviewé pour mon blog ‘’The Lewis Carroll’s Army’’. Je voulais te remercier car c’était une interview formidable et les gens l’ont aimée. Je suis toujours une grande fan de tes livres! J’aime ta relation avec tes fans! :) Merci beaucoup!!!

Merci à TOI, Alice! J’ai aimé le faire! :) et j’ai aimé faire parti de cette armée!

Alors un nouveau grand merci à Cornelia Funke pour ce grand honneur qui marquera l’histoire de l’armée! Nous pouvons dire qu’elle fait, en effet, parti de l’armée! :)

Qu’en aviez-vous pensé? Avez-vous déjà rencontré, interviewé Cornelia Funke ou un autre auteur? Qui voudriez-vous interviewer? 

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  1. The english version of your interview is wonderful, Cornelia is really benevolent and funny, and her answers are so interesting ! She has such an incredible relationship with her readers and she's so close to us even if she's a well-known author all over the world ! I've loved her books ever since I've discovered them, especially Inkworld and its incredible cast of characters. This book blurs the line between the paper world, the fiction, and our world. Every time I open it I feel like I'm going to land on the ground of the Endless Forest and get burnt by Fire Elves while trying to speak with the flames.
    Thank you both for this interview !

    1. Yeah, she’s wonderful isn’t she? I feel the same when I read her books! Every words, every characters are incredible! :)

      I’m really happy and I feel proud when I see her name somewhere! ^^


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